Sub Soil Investigation

Sub Soil Investigation Services

Engineering structures such as buildings are constructed on and or within the earth surface.

The nature of the sub-surface soil within such construction sites is of paramount concern to engineers because it determines to a large extent the suitability of the site for the intended construction project and modifications to be made on such site if the need arises. Site investigation is therefore an integral part of major construction projects.

It involves exploring the ground conditions at and below the surface and sampling of strata likely to be significantly affected by the structural load; it is a prerequisite for the successful and economic design of engineering structures and earthworks.

Exploration of the subsurface is done using borings and other techniques, which help in recovering samples for testing and evaluation.

The goal of the subsurface investigation is to obtain a detailed understanding of the engineering and geologic properties of the
soil and rock strata and groundwater conditions that could impact the foundation.

A site investigation will attempt to foresee and provide against difficulties that may arise during construction because of ground and/or other local conditions.

We offer a comprehensive and versatile range of ground & site investigation techniques from simple trial pitting to more sophisticated drilling and in-situ testing methods.

At Gtech Nigeria Limited, we own and operate an extensive fleet of drilling and in-situ field testing equipment, including conventional, low disturbance and restricted access plant.

The almost exclusive use of our own plant, equipment and skilled personnel allows us to design, effectively manage and tailor each project to our clients needs, and react rapidly to any unpredictable ground conditions.

This flexibility helps us to ensure that any risks are managed promptly and are thus minimised.